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Hi Chew "Henshin" Orange + Banana = Soda??

Hi Chew Henshin - 3 Flavor (Banana+Orange=Soda)

Morinaga has been making Hi Chew (ハイチュウ:Hai Chuu)since 1975. This candy is usually fruit flavored, chewy, and rectangular in shape. Of late, the long Hi Chew ropes have been becoming increasingly popular. These are long and stretchy candy sticks that are about the diameter of a pencil. Kids (and even adults like me) enjoy twisting and reshaping the candy while breaking off whatever portion is needed for a quick chew.

Well, just this month a new Hi Chew product called Henshin (へんしん) meaning transforming, became available which offers two flavors within the same pack. The twist is (no pun intended) that when the two flavors are mixed in your mouth a new flavor is formed. I decided to test it out for myself and see how accurate the taste would be.

There are 2 types of Henshin available at present:
I went with the latter mixture since I thought it would be impossible to get a soda flavor out of two fruit flavors. When I tore the foil wrap open I was greeted by two thin, approximately 15 cm candy sticks, one yellow (banana) and one orange (orange - duh!) The sticks must be produced on the same manufacturing line because they are melded together with a seam. Pulling them apart is easy and clean however some of the orange transferred to the banana stick.

This product is very pliable and stretchy. I can see how kids would have a lot of fun with it. Braiding the colorful sticks or making shapes would be a hit. Or even stretching them to double the length is possible.

Anyhow, I tried a small piece of each flavor in succession and found the flavors extremely accurate. Then I broke off a piece of each to combine in my mouth. They were chewed up real good to create the mystery flavor. I was surprised how much this tasted like Japanese White Soda ( ラムネ:Ramune) and felt there may have even been the slightest carbonation feeling in my mouth. Perhaps I was imagining that due to the lovely soda flavor.

What is really neat is that a mega-mystery flavor (energy drink) can be created by combining banana, strawberry, and orange. Note that you will need to get 1 pack of each to do this.

Although I do not eat Hi Chew on a regular basis I found this creation very interesting and tasty. If you are tired of regular products such as Starburst and Jolly Rancher I recommend trying Hi Chew from Japan. At napaJapan we always stock at least a dozen fresh flavors and varieties.

Check out some of the current flavors available at >>> this link  <<<

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