Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pepsi Cola - Dry

Name: Pepsi Dry
Maker: Pepsi/Suntory, Japan
Flavor: Kola Bean
Size: 490 mL
Release Date: May 2011
Best Before Date: Winter 2011

Packaging - I was so excited to pick up this shimmering silver PET bottle from my local convenience store on the morning of its release: May 24, 2011. The caps differ from store to store as some have the Pepsi logo and others are plain white. The latter was due to a shortage of caps influenced by the March earthquake. The PET bottle is curvy and fits in my hand snugly for easy drinking. Can't wait to crack it open!

At First Glance - Having not eaten breakfast I figured my senses would be in top form at 9 am. I cracked the cap off with a satisfying burst of carbonation escaping the neck. Immediately I took a whiff of the soda and found it to be exactly like regular Pepsi. Oh-oh, I thought. The color wasn't even different which added to my disappointment. Did past flavors such as Ice Cucumber and Azuki Red Bean Pepsi raise my expectations? I just had to drink it and find out...

What's Inside / The Taste - During the first second the Pepsi Dry hit my mouth I thought I had been duped. Was Pepsi just taking out a flavorless ingredient and calling it something different? tick...tick...THEN...second two came! Pepsi hit the back of my tongue where the bitter taste-bud receptors live and I forgot about all the other odd Pepsi products I have sampled in the past. This Pepsi Dry is bitter, adult bitter. Not only that but the sugar content is much lower than in regular Pepsi. Even after swallowing you can still taste that wonderful, almost black coffee-like flavor, in the back of your mouth. Surprisingly it is very refreshing too and filled with tons of carbonation. I absolutely LOVE this product and expect it to be a huge hit.

Extra Details - Pepsi wanted to design a traditional cola soda which contains Kola Bean, a very bitter African nut with a higher caffeine content and low sugar.

Nutritional Information (per 100 mL):
Energy - 21 Calories
Protein - 0.0 grams
Fat - 0.0 grams
Carbohydrates - 5.3 grams
Sodium - 8 milligrams

Ten Star rating - 10/10 My first perfect rating. Great job Pepsi! Too busy to type any more as I am drinking a Pepsi Dry.

Thank you for your continued business and if you have any product requests or questions feel free to contact us anytime!

Happy Snacking!

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  1. will have to try it since i love coffee ;)