Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doritos - Korean Roasted Seaweed

Name: Doritos
Maker: Frito Lay
Flavor: Korean Roasted Seaweed
Size: 70 grams
Release Date: August 2010
Best Before Date: January 2011

Packaging - A very attractive green foil bag with a ton of Japanese writing on it with a VERY small Doritos logo in the top left corner. The picture of the chips were non-Doritos-like so I almost missed this new flavor. Oh how I wish I had. The big W on the top right corner stands for double (usually as in flavor) so I thought I should give these a try.

At First Glance - So I opened the bag and the smell of the ocean shoreline on a low tide rushed into my nostrils. It wasn't what I was expecting or wanting. It really put me off but I knew I had to continue and take one for the team. The chips are rectangular and about 6cm long. They are light green/brown/yellow in color with a ton of seaweed spots and salt. So now the appearance has even put me off. Why did I buy these?

What's Inside - I will get to the taste soon but just confirm that there ARE corn chips under all the flavorings and salt. They crunch the same as triangular Doritos and you receive the same amount per bag (70 grams.).

The Taste - Oh boy! The first chip entered my mouth and I licked the seasonings to get the full flavor profile. Never has a flavor disappointed me and offended me at the same time. Now I love seafood, seaweed, and even other sea plants often consumed in Japan. However, it felt like I was licking an algae infested wharf post that had been seasoned by the ocean for 80 years.

I managed to get through 2 chips for this blog but I paid a price of a terrible aftertaste that wouldn't go away. The only beverage I had around was a canned coffee and that didn't help the potpourri of flavors gone awry in my mouth. I had to wait a full 15 minutes before I had access to a toothbrush and mouthwash. Yes, they were that bad! No wonder Frito Lay hid the Doritos logo in the top corner of the bag.

!! SPECIAL OFFER !! - Since I refuse to list these on my site but realize there may be some brave souls out there I have an offer for those warped people ;)
Spend $25 or more (before shipping) at napaJapan and I will send you a free bag of these. I would like to hear your take on them. To receive your free bag you must send a message to SALES after you place your order. Just write: Doritos in the message body along with your Order Number. Offer expires August 31, 2010. One free bag per order. While supplies last.

Nutritional Information (per 70 gram bag):
Energy - 355 Calories
Protein - 5.5 grams
Fat - 17.7 grams
Carbohydrates - 43.5 grams
Sodium - 596 milligrams

Ten Star rating - 1/10 The worst product I have ever reviewed.

Instead of the seaweed flavor I recommend the following Frito Lay products:

                    Doritos - Ebimayo          Cheetos - Korean Yakiniku

Happy Snacking!


  1. OMG, they are that bad eh? Is it the salt that put you off or the seaweed? I guess only die-hard nori lovers would like these hey. I am not such a huge fan of nori so I don't think I'd be game. haha, but what is the difference between Korean and Japanese seaweed?

  2. I think it was a combination of the both and being mixed with corn flavor didn't help. The roasted seaweed from Korea usually has a delicious sesame oil taste and is extremely crispy and quite salty. But it goes so well with fresh rice. Just wrap the hot rice in the nori and chomp away. This Doritos attempt was all fail. Shocking! maybe it just was an off day for me but my friend also was disgusted by them.

  3. They might go well with some Laphroaig.

  4. That scotch tasted like dirt so they may.