Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kopan - Tuna & Onion Toast Rusks

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Name: Copan (Kopan)
Maker: Meiji
Flavor: Tuna & Onion
Size: 47 grams
Release Date: July 2010
Best Before Date: December 2010 (and beyond)

Packaging - Colorful green foil bag that opens from the top like any ordinary chip bag but has a flat bottom so it can sit upright on its own. There is no reseal on this package so you better eat them all in one sitting. Italian writing on the bottom of the bag but everything else is written in Japanese.

At First Glance - Each toast rusk is the same length (4.5 cm) and have an oval shape with pointed ends. They are about 0.5 cm thick. There are no broken pieces in the bag, probably because of their thickness. A wonderful aroma of buttered onion escapes the bag upon opening. If you hold your nose closer you soon pick up the tuna smell. The toast rusks do not look seasoned but have what looks like some butter soaked into them.

What's Inside - The rusks have the same crunch from one end to the other. This crunch is just perfect for me. I was expecting a hard product but these are light and crispy. They do seem a bit oily when handling them over a few minutes. I had to wipe my hands a few times.

The Taste - Meji hits a home run every time when they flavor their products. From the first bite to the last your mouth is swarmed with such an accurate taste of onion, tuna and butter. I would say onion is the strongest of the 3 flavors. The rusk flavor is mild which probably exaggerates the seasonings. The aftertaste is very prevalent though very delightful. I ate these 'sans beverage' and I am glad I did because it made me appreciate the flavor more and the crispiness was bolder.

Extra Info - I recommend these as an alternative to any potato or corn chips. Copan is spelled Kopan if you follow Japanese Romaji rules however Meiji advertises them as Copan which is translated as small bread. There are about a half dozen flavors out each year which include 3 standards. Check out the Copan we carry at napaJapan.

Nutritional Information (per 47 gram bag):
Energy - 253 Calories
Protein - 3.7 grams
Fat - 14.3 grams
Carbohydrates - 27.4 grams
Sodium - 270 milligrams

Ten Star rating - 9/10 Great crunch, satisfying amount for a snack, and accurate flavor. I wish the tuna had stood out the most.

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Happy Snacking!

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