Monday, June 7, 2010

Hokkaido Melon Chewing Gum

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Name: Hokkaido Melon Chewing Gum
Maker: Lotte
Flavor: Cantaloupe (Yubari) Melon
Size: 27 grams (9 sticks)
Release Date: June 2010
Best Before Date: no date stated as gum has a very long shelf life

Packaging - Pleasant two-tone green shiny outer wrap that opens at one end. Each stick of gum is wrapped in foil with an additional outer paper wrap. These paper wraps have 4 designs as seen in the photo.

At First Glance - Upon unwrapping the gum stick there is a definite melon aroma that is surprisingly quite natural. The stick is finely dusted with which looks like flour and the color is a pale orange. The gum stick is quite soft and does not break when bent. In fact the stick can be bent into a loop quite easily. I am thinking this will be a nice chew.

What's Inside - After examining the white dusting on the gum I found that it is a sweet sugar but that this is not the main source of melon flavor. Licking away this sugar turned the stick a darker orange but it still remained paler than anticipated. This is probably a good thing as I doubt I need any more dye in my body.

The Taste - If you enjoy cantaloupe melon you will love this gum. I was surprised how much flavor it had in its first chew. Do not be worried about an over-ripe flavor. Lotte has created a taste that captures cantaloupe melons in their prime ripeness stage. The first few minutes of chewing brought me sweetness but also sourness which I really enjoyed. Flavor started to wane at about the 15 minute mark. At 30 minutes I still have it in my mouth but I will be getting rid of it soon or refreshing with a new piece. I would say flavor lasts about the same as any other piece of stick gum.

Extra Info - This is not a bubble blowing friendly product. Buy it for the flavor rather than for the mouth play. The gum gets quite tough after 15 minutes. Hokkaido is well-known for its Yubari Melons (cantaloupe variety.) Every summer the first 'perfect' melon sells for thousands of dollars! At napaJapan you can snap this pack up for only $1.99. Why pay thousands to enjoy the flavor of Hokkaido? ;)

Nutritional Information (9 sticks):
Energy - 78 Calories
Protein - 0 grams
Fat - 0 grams
Carbohydrates - 20 grams
Sodium - 0 milligrams

Ten Star rating - 8/10 (accurate flavor and I enjoyed it despite not loving cantaloupe. wished the sour flavor stuck around a little longer)

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Happy Snacking!

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