Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doritos - Rich Cheese Square Ridges

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Name: Doritos
Maker: Frito-Lay
Flavor: Rich Cheese
Size: 65 grams
Release Date: May 2010
Best Before Date: October 2010 (and beyond)

Packaging - Unique cardboard cup (13 cm tall) will a peel off foil lid. Attractive graphics with a wide enough top opening to grab the product..

At First Glance - Are these really Doritos? They look like thick crackers (about 2 cm square) and there is little of the black flecking you see on regular sized Doritos chips. Appears to be less volume that a regular bag but the volume is the same. The seasonings look to be applied thicker than usual. There is definitely a cheesy aroma.These last two points make me excited.

What's Inside - More like, what is inside the ridges. Plenty of cheese and salts particulate is found between and atop of each ridge on both sides of the square chips.

The Taste - Wow, these are yummy. The cheese is not really different in flavor than regular cheesy Doritos but it feels like you are getting more. I would call it a mild cheddar. These chips have a different crunch. Although quite thick they seem to break between my teeth in a more airy crunch fashion. With the ridges there is more area for the seasoning to stick to and stay! That means less crumbs at the bottom of the cup. The only drawback for me is the greasy residue I get. After a short time period, I found they left an oily stain on the napkin I placed them on. No strong aftertaste though. These would match any cold drink.

Extra Info - This new packaging format seems to be aimed for convenience stores where they can easily stack and display anywhere. Best before dates will extend into early 2011 as new batches are produced. We have seen Doritos Twists and 3D before but I prefer these mainly for the enhanced flavor you can enjoy.

Nutritional Information:
Energy - 368 Calories
Protein - 4.1 grams
Fat - 23.6 grams
Carbohydrates - 34.9 grams
Sodium - 408 milligrams

Ten Star rating - 8/10 (wonderful cheesy flavor profile, cute size, nice crunch, but still a little too greasy for achieving extra marks)

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  1. They look interesting! Are you going to be stocking these?

  2. in stock now. actually there is a link on the HERE word under the top picture.
    I have a list running for you ;)