Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pocky Panda - Cookie & Cream

Besides the clever and attractive box design there is one unique feature about this most recent Pocky release that some fans may notice immediately. Hint: Before you read on only look at 20% of the product and you will figure it out. Yes, Glico has produced a cocoa chocolate stick, something Meiji's Fran has been sporting for some time. Let's open up the package and take a closer look...

Displaying a handful of the 15 sticks sealed in the cute plastic bag.
There is a single inner bag that contains the 13 cm sticks and it is decorated with a dozen pandas in different poses. This format is considered a mini Pocky as it contains 33 grams of product which is almost the equivalent as a standard Kit Kat bar (36 grams.) The cocoa chocolate cookie sticks are a dark brown color. The white (cream) chocolate that surrounds 80% of the stick has chocolate cookie bits embedded throughout.

To experience the whole flavor profile I first licked the chocolate off the tip of one stick. It had an Oreo white filling icing flavor. The mini embedded cookie bits also tasted like Oreo though they were very small crumbs. The actual cocoa cookie stick was very flavorful and didn't carry the gagging sweetness that some chocolate cookies do. Because of this the creamy white chocolate coating complimented the stick wonderfully. It is best to bite these and chew the flavors together and not lick off the chocolate.

This is not a flavor that will wow you but it is different enough just due to the cocoa cookie stick introduction. Also, the packaging is done so well both on the outside and inside. This product would make a great gift, Halloween treat, or stocking stuffer. There must be some panda lovers or Pocky fans in your life. Or why don't you give them a try and let us know what you think.

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