Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lotte Drink Mix Candy - Vending Machine Assortment

If you walk through the Japanese candy aisles this summer this is one product that really stands out. Not only is the packaging very appealing but the soft drink flavors are very well recognized throughout the nation. Upon looking at the package more carefully you find that there are 25 individually wrapped candies inside, five of each flavor.

The blue plastic package is designed like a Japanese vending machine. There is a clear window at the bottom of the bag so you can see the inner candy wrappers. Each oval, marble-sized candy is 3.1 grams and colored according to its flavor.

I am familiar with 4 of the 5 drinks so I can compare them to the original. The Acerola berry flavored drink is something I will need to try in the near future. It is a new addition to the Lotte candy mix so let's start with that.

Acerola Refresh - Acerola is a berry native to central and southern America that is known for its power as an antioxidant. The smooth red candy has a sour cherry flavor but still plenty of sweetness that children would enjoy too.

Dakara Fresh Start - This is a popular sports drink that has been around for years in Japan. This is the new 2011 version. I was surprised how accurate the flavor is to the beverage. It is much more condensed in flavor though so the sweetness factor is elevated. It has a lemon/grapefruit flavor.

C.C. Lemon - This is a carbonated lemon soda that contains Vitamin C. Again, the flavor is very accurate and the fizz is even present. The candy is a little rough while it melts down in your mouth.

Natchan! Orange - Similar to Tang or any other non-carbonated orange drink, this candy is the most flavorful of all. Smooth and glassy finish with a light orange color.

Dekavita C - The most bizarre flavor of the bunch. Fizzy energy drink flavored with subtle lemon and herb flavors. Again, because these are meant to be carbonated the candy finish is rough.

I recommend these for the nice variety of flavors to sample. With Halloween and Christmas just around the corner these would make unique candies to hand out as gifts. We also carry the full line of Mitsuya Cider Candy too. Click HERE to enter napaJapan for a delightful candy shopping experience.

Happy Snacking!

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