Saturday, January 29, 2011

Suntory Chocolate Sparkling Soda "Wonderland"

Maker: Suntory
Flavor: Rich Chocolate
Size: 410 mL
Release Date: January 2011
Best Before Date: Summer 2011

Packaging - Not your typical PET bottle as this contains 410 mL of soda rather than the standard 500 mL volume. The plastic wrapper has Alice in Wonderland images in monotone (there are various wrapper designs along with a 2011 date) which makes it a nice collectors bottle. A white twist off cap is secured on top its long slim neck.
At First Glance - I twist off the cap and immediately watch hundreds of tiny bubbles shoot upwards. Ah...this looks so fresh! Lowering my nose to the top of the bottle I inhale an intriguing aroma of bitter cocoa with sour subtleties. It pours into a glass like a typical colorless soda and fizzes up once again especially later when I add ice.

The Taste - If your taste buds are anything like mine you will be pleasantly surprised by the richness of chocolate in this soda. Not only that, but the carbonation is a perfect match since it doesn't burn your throat like you find with colas. I have tried other chocolate sodas in the past but they were always overly sweet. This soda places emphasis on the cocoa flavor rather than the sugar. All ages will enjoy it but I believe adults will appreciate it most.

Extra Details - Try it in a float with vanilla ice cream for a delicious instant kids drink. Adults can mix it with their liquor of choice. Ice pops may be another good use for this product. I like it on ice. This will only be around for a few months so be sure to snap them up before spring.

Nutritional Information (per 100 mL.):
Energy - 49 Calories
Protein - 0 grams
Fat - 0 grams
Carbohydrates - 12.1 grams
Sodium - 0 milligrams

Ten Star rating - 9/10 This did not taste like cheap chocolate but rather high-end. The champagne like bubbles had me feeling I was drinking something outside of my daily price range. Suntory is a huge beverage maker (all Japanese Pepsi products) and beer brewer in Japan. They often release unique flavors of beverages that I am sometimes too scared to sample (lemon and vinegar yogurt...ugh...pass!) Keep checking back for new releases.

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