Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Pringles logo is one of the most recognized food brands in the world. The bushy mustache of "Julius Pringles" stands out in the aisles of every supermarket in almost every country.
In Japan, these potato crisps fly off the shelves especially when limited edition flavors are introduced. And that happens often! On average a new Pringles flavor is introduced to the Japanese market every 4 weeks! Guess who carries them all? You are right! napaJapan

You will find three can sizes in Japan (mini, stout, and tall):

 From top to bottom: Cheese Fries, Spareribs, Mayonnaise Cheese

Pringles are made in America by Proctor and Gamble. They ship surprisingly well and it is rare to find more than a handful of broken chips in a can. Luckily they have a 1 year shelf life so that they can stay fresh throughout their voyages overseas. These lengthy best-before dates also allow us to compile a good selection so that you can mix-and-match when placing an order.

"Once You Pop, You Can't Stop!" has got to be one of the most accurate statements ever made by a company regarding their product. Pringles are addictive! Why is this so? I want to hear your opinion...Please take time to offer your two cents worth below.
For me, I think it is the Pringles shape. Each crisp fits perfectly on your tongue allowing you to savor all the seasonings before crunching them to bits. Packaging is also very attractive. The food looks organized, stacked upon each other making them easy to dispense with little oil residue on your fingers. You can pick up each chip by the edge and eat them in a more sophisticated way (not that I do.)

New 2010 Standard Release - Pringles Texas BBQ

And finally, collecting Pringles cans has become a very popular hobby around the globe. napaJapan can keep you up-to-date with the limited edition releases and maybe even find that hard-to-get Japanese edition can you have been searching so long for. Drop us a line anytime! We would love to hear from you.

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  1. The first time I ever really encountered them was in your store. They're not popular here though they do sell the original and sour cream flavours but that's about it. And you can only get them in those tall cans, and it's like $4 for a can, so kind of expensive.

    I gave a friend of mine a spicy chicken pringles that I bought from you as a birthday gift and he still hasn't eaten them because he thinks they are too rare! I think they'll go off before he ever gets around to it. We both love the packaging though, it's always very cute when it comes from Japan and I think they are great collectibles. I had a look at your stock and am planning a purchase at the moment :)